An Introduction to CBD

Mantycoon’s products are infused with the calming effects, hemp is and most commonly used for oral consumption. Therefore, it has the relaxing properties of cannabis without the psychoactive element. This makes it a popular choice for people suffering from stress and anxiety.

During this time, the industry has begun to shift to cosmetics, resulting in a boom in the beauty industry. Hemp-derived products have been introduced into topicals such as creams, gels and oils. Moreover, people are increasingly using hemp-derived products as a part of their daily routine. As a result, CBD is now used all over the body, hair, eyelashes etc. in addition to oral consumption.

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a type of cannabinoid made up of active chemicals found naturally in hemp plants. This 100% natural herbal extract has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years (medicinally).


CBD has been found to be a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound, with the ability to hydrate and nourish skin by promoting and aiding moisture retention, regulating the skins natural oil production and to help counteract acne and signs of ageing.


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Join the thousands of people using Mantycoon’s hemp grooming products daily and discover the potential health benefits for yourself! As a result of this usage, it is widely accepted that CBD works wonders on the skin. In addition to this, it may help to aid in swelling and reduce topical symptoms such as dryness and flaky skin. Mantycoon has boosted those natural topical qualities found in CBD with the careful selection of ingredients we use in all our products. 


Mantycoon’s products focus primarily on the natural goodness of our ingredients, rather than for aesthetic purposes. Above all, our cosmetics contain premium ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. For instance, our Skin Repair Gel has an aloe base that is fortified with turmeric for its antiseptic properties. Similarly, our beard oil contains Jojoba and Argan oil, known for its hydrating properties. 

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In addition, CBD collects in pores and is absorbed into the body. It begins to collect in these regions and as a result, may also thicken hair follicles, which in turn aids in hair growth. So, if you want to fight off dry and bristly beard hair this would be a great choice! CBD is used in the beard oil, we have combined it in our charcoal shampoo bars too. This is to say that the charcoal works to exfoliate the scalp to remove any dry and flaky skin. After that, the CBD aids in calming after the irritation of exfoliation.

When applied topically CBD may help hydrate the skin as well as having the potential to work as an anti-inflammatory. As a result, this firstly may aid skin restoration and secondly improves its vibrance. Improved skin hydration will reduce these topical conditions as well as give it a natural glow.

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About This Product

Mantycoon’s CBD Tattoo Care Gel is the ideal post tattoo treatment. This Aloe Vera wonder gel is packed with essential oils which soothes your skin. Apply the gel to your new tattoo to aid in skin recovery and hydration. Tattoos will appear to have more colour and depth when hydrated. Always seek advice from your tattooist when to start aftercare.

Turmeric is added to clean the tattooed area. Turmeric has been widely accepted to be a potential antiseptic. As a result, this gel sinks deep into the pores and cleans out bacteria. CBD also has the potential to work as an anti-inflammatory.

It is good to note that this CBD tattoo recovery gel can also soothe irritation. The light medical fragrance leaves your skin feeling fresh after application.

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Consumers are actively turning to CBD-infused creams. Above all these are being use to to manage muscle and joint pain. Moreover, CBD sports products are also widely becoming used to manage inflammation and muscle tension.

Case studies show that CBD interacts with a core component of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) these are receptors in your brain and immune systems. As a result, Researchers now believe that CBD interacts with these receptors for pain management and anti-inflammatory responses. In other words, repeated use may result in suppress inflammation and relief from muscle tension.