Brow Tycoon® Henna – Eye Brows Full Starter Kit



Starter henna brow kit
Perfect for a speedy launch and staying ahead of competitors, introduce enduringly stunning eyebrows with Brow Tycoon’s revolutionary 3D effect, tinting both hairs and the skin. A non-invasive alternative to microblading and longer-lasting than traditional dyeing, the formula is perfect for adding shape and fullness to even sparse brows. Including essentials for preparation, application and post-care, beauty therapists can effortlessly take the lead in offering this clever treatment.

Natural, long-lasting results
Plant-based, natural henna is free from lead and ammonia, offering up to 6 weeks of brow colour and 3 weeks of skin tint. Master the perfect shapes and shades for diverse clients with a range of 7 mixable colours. You can even finesse looks with the guidance of pre-inked string and helpful white paste.

Effortless and efficient treatment
Prepare the skin for pigmented colour with the scrub and shampoo, then map your client’s brow shape according to their facial structure. Perfect the outline using the mapping string and white paste. Have confidence in fantastically precise application using the protective brow paste before mixing henna with brow aqua. Removed after 15 to 20 minutes, the wonder oil helps to protect from water and prolong clients’ beautiful results.

Training at Brow Tycoon Academy
If you would like to offer this popular treatment, complete our professional Brow Tycoon henna brows course Academies UK wide. Enjoy tutored support and learn the techniques to professionally shape, colour and care for stunning eyebrows.


Brow Tycoon henna 5g, grey
Brow Tycoon henna 5g, golden brown
Brow Tycoon henna 5g, light brown
Brow Tycoon henna 5g, chocolate brown
Brow Tycoon henna 5g, dark brown
Brow Tycoon henna 5g, sweet dark brown
Brow Tycoon henna 5g, deep dark brown
Brow Tycoon aqua 30ml
Brow Tycoon shampoo 30ml
Brow Tycoon scrub 30ml
Brow Tycoon wonder oil 30ml
Brow Tycoon flat brush (2)
Brow Tycoon pre-inked string
Brow Tycoon white paste
Mixing dish (2)
Measuring spoon (2)
Brow Tycoon branded bag
Cling film


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